WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes

WordPress “themes” are similar to MicroSoft Windows themes – they provide a handy “skin” for your website.

There are thousands of WordPress themes and it’s always hard to choose one. I have picked several favorite themes, and have found Elementor Builder to be a great tool to use instead of themes.

You don’t need to know a lot about WordPress themes – I will listen to your wants and needs in a website and choose the best tool to make your website look great – as well as be easy to update, expand, and customize for the future.

If you want to learn more about Elementor, click here. Its PRO version, which unlocks hundreds of ready-made templates to use for your website, is only $49/year.

These templates give a ready-made customized look to your website, and can be changed easily. Fonts, colors, and logos can be set to automatically populate throughout your website.

You can choose from thousands of other themes at several different websites – one is the Envato Theme Forest, click here. Browse through theme collections, for many different “look and feel” for a website. Some are free, and most others are $50-60 per year. The paid subscriptions will come with support. As with any purchase, look at user reviews, number of users, and how often the theme has been updated. A theme that has not been updated recently (within the last few months) is probably not being kept up to date.

I can help choose the best theme for your needs and clientele.

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