Images and Photos

Building Architecture

Images and videos are what makes your website come alive. Recent surveys show that web users prefer to watch videos than read text on a website. Today, I’ll focus on images and photos – still pictures – and what they can add to your website. Galleries and collages are one way to make your images […]

Webs By Deb Featured on Business Radio!

Webs By Deb on Business Radio X

I was featured on Business Radio X in an interview! I was delighted to speak to John Ray, the host, about my website company, my goals and clients, and other aspects of my work. You can listen to the interview here: Business Radio X Interview with Debra Axness, Webs By Deb, LLC I have spent […]

Women Entrepreneurs Member Spotlight

Business Women

I am honored to have been chosen for the December Member Spotlight by the Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota (WeMN). I have been involved with this energetic, supportive group of women for over a year now! We meet twice a month, both virtually on ZOOM and in person. Their event calendar is available here. I am […]


Jigsaw Puzzle Piece

Plugin? What’s a plugin? WordPress, the tool I use for website building, has a great feature called “plugins”. I can choose from hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions by now!) of plugins. A plugin is a small piece of code designed to solve a unique problem or add a particular visual effect. Think of a plugin […]

WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes

WordPress “themes” are similar to MicroSoft Windows themes – they provide a handy “skin” for your website. There are thousands of WordPress themes and it’s always hard to choose one. I have picked several favorite themes, and have found Elementor Builder to be a great tool to use instead of themes. You don’t need to […]

DIY Website Builders

DIY Website Builders

DIY Website Builders If you’re interested in having a website for your organization you’ve no doubt come across many ads for free or low-cost websites. “Free” products consider YOU to be the product they are selling – and will insert their own ads to your website. You also don’t have your own name – the […]

Hosting? What Is Hosting?

Once you’ve chosen a domain name and determined that it is available, you’ll need to start thinking about where to host your website. Hosting? What’s that?

Welcome to Webs By Deb!

Welcome to WebsByDeb. My company can create, maintain, and handle all updates for your website, using the versatile Wordpress.

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