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Plugin? What’s a plugin?

WordPress, the tool I use for website building, has a great feature called “plugins”. I can choose from hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions by now!) of plugins. A plugin is a small piece of code designed to solve a unique problem or add a particular visual effect. Think of a plugin as a small device you plug into the wall, like a charger. This code “plugs in” to your website.

For example, perhaps your website needs to be able to change languages (i.e., from English to Spanish) for all of its text. There are many plugins available to do just that – seamlessly and with no extra coding.

It’s wise to choose carefully – plugins (especially free plugins) may be just what is needed – or may introduce problems to a website. And – you don’t want too many on your website, as they may cause problems with each other!

I test and carefully choose exactly the right plugin for each website I create. There are standard plugins that I recommend for every website I build, and others that solve a unique problem for a customer.

You can browse WordPress Plugins here.


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