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Images and videos are what makes your website come alive. Recent surveys show that web users prefer to watch videos than read text on a website. Today, I’ll focus on images and photos – still pictures – and what they can add to your website.

Galleries and collages are one way to make your images stand out online. You can choose differently-sized images, have some that are landscape and some portrait, and move around each image to suit your needs.

Slide 1 Heading
Put an optional caption here
Optional Button
Slide 2 Heading
Click Here
Slide 3 Heading
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit dolor
Click Here
Previous slide
Next slide

Slide shows and media galleries are another way to take advantage of showing off your images and make them come to life. You can adjust the speed, add an action button, caption, and title – or leave it blank.

A great way to focus your user’s attention to certain parts of a photo or image is by using a “hotspot” – anchoring text to highlight different areas of an image. An icon can be added, text color, background, and font changed. When clicked, a “tooltip” can be added for more information – or it can be used like a button.


Sliced Bananas

Add Your Tooltip Text Here

Sliced Strawberries

Merry Go Round

This is the heading

Merry Go Rounds are one of the best parts of any fair or amusement park. All ages can have fun with a merry go round. Many have been restored from classic amusement parks from decades past.

An “image box” is another way to customize your photos – adding a heading and description. The image can link to a different website, or another page on your own website. You can animate the image – here it is set to Pulse.

You can use images for a Call To Action. Draw your website reader’s attention to an eye-catching photo, along with a heading and description.

RV Life!

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There’s almost no end to the animation, movement, action, and other ways to use images on your own website.

Make sure you have copyright to all images you publish on your website – which means photos you have taken yourself, or images that are “open source” and not owned by an individual or organization.

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