What we do

Our company specializes in:
1 3-D Scanning
2 Reverse Engineering
3 Computer Aided Inspection
4 Scientific Modeling

Who We Are

For over a decade, Virtual Surfaces has served the manufacturing/industrial market with the most up to date 3-D scanning and digital editing. Clients requiring sophisticated reverse engineering or digital inspection rely on our ability to provide them with low cost accurate scanning in a variety of digital output formats.

Our ability to work with a variety of 3-D scanners and software also puts us at the forefront in the scientific/forensic community. We helped create the worlds first complete digital dinosaur for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. The Triceratops Project required extensive use of both white light and laser scanning to accurately and completely detail every real bone of the specimen.

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"Quote from a satisfied customer and company"
Chris Jones
CEO, International Mettalics Inc

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